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English Language Testimonials

These testimonials are a selection of current and past clients. Please note that all names (parents, children, schools and adult learners’ names) as well as contact details are all omitted for privacy purposes. References available upon request, if testimonials do not fully meet your needs.


My son was predicted a C for GCSE English Language. Maria was recommended to us, and just 6 months before his exams, weekly tutorials began. After just one lesson, it was like a light bulb went on. He honestly feels that he would have struggled to even get a C grade without Maria’s guidance.

In the end, he achieved a B grade which we are absolutely delighted with.

We have recommended Maria to other students, since, and with my second son now starting his GCSEs, I have not hesitated in registering him for Maria’s services.

Cowbridge, Vale of Glamorgan


Maria is a very diligent teacher who has enormously helped our daughter with her GCSE English Literature and Language work. She achieved an A in her first external English exam and displayed great confidence in her exam techniques thanks to Maria’s: help, advice, encouragement and guidance. We would highly recommend Maria as an English tutor.

Penarth, Vale of Glamorgan


In the last year, the help I have gained from Maria has pushed me towards great grades.

At the beginning of my tuition, my grades were low and I was not expecting much. However, through the last year of tuition, my skills have been strengthened and the help for exams was extremely beneficial.

I am happy with my result for my first year of GCSEs and I believe I can say it was achievable because of the extra time on my English with Maria.

I was expecting a C or a B and was pleased to receive an A!

Radyr, Cardiff


Before my tuition, I didn’t understand or get to grips with English Language or Literature. However, since I have had tuition with Maria, I have thoroughly enjoyed it. She has taught me so much and helped me to gain grades I never thought I would have been able to gain.

One of the things I find most helpful and beneficial is that Maria knows what the examiners are looking for. By being aware of this, I can achieve the highest grades and use the techniques that Maria has taught me in all of my subjects.

Llandaff, Cardiff


Maria tutored me in English Language. With her help, I managed to go from a C in my mock exam before Christmas, to an A* in my actual GCSE exam.

I found Maria’s lessons very beneficial, equipping me with a greater understanding of the best ways to answer all of the question types, as well as receiving detailed, one-to-one feedback on the past paper questions I completed for Maria. Maria covered the entire course content with me, even parts that I feel I wasn’t fully aware of prior to my extra coaching and, so, things that could possibly (but were unlikely to) come up. This was vital as it gave me a better understanding of all the writing tasks and helped me to write a more balanced answer in my exam.

Maria is a very nice person - easy to get on with, comfortable to be around, chatty and an excellent teacher. I’m very grateful to her for her help.

Cowbridge, Vale of Glamorgan


My daughter was struggling in all aspects of English and was targeted an E grade. With Maria’s explanations, simplified into small, clear chunks, she achieved a C grade which was a fabulous achievement and has made all the difference!

Rhoose, Vale of Glamorgan


My son’s weakest subject has always been English. He was predicted a C at GCSE English Language.

I was recommended Maria by a friend and would have no hesitation in recommending her further.

My son has achieved an A in English Language and was then given the opportunity of studying English Literature at GCSE which he is currently undertaking.

Maria is dedicated, patient and knowledgeable. I feel very lucky to have had the recommendation.

Pentyrch, Cardiff


My son had tuition from Maria through years 10 and 11. He was predicted Ds in both English Language and Literature. He found understanding how to formulate clear points with quoted evidence in answering English Language GCSE questions very challenging but soon understood and grasped the concept, with Maria’s coaching and help.

With regard to the challenge of literature essays, he felt that Maria’s help and advice explained in a watered-down way what to do and Maria’s suggested methods allowed him to write essays which fully met the examiners’ requirements without being overly sophisticated and, therefore, confusing.

We were very happy with the C that he achieved in English Literature and we were absolutely thrilled with his B in English Language, all achieved by the end of year 11!

Pontcanna, Cardiff


At the start of year 10, I wasn’t confident with my English at all! I was getting B grades with great struggle and not a full understanding of what I was doing.

Maria started to tutor me in the Easter holidays, which was about 2 months before my English exam.

In the Easter holidays, Maria and I had intensive tuition to catch me up with her other students.

By the time of that exam, I had a fuller understanding of what I was writing, therefore, I increased my confidence.

When I finally received my results on results day, I was most nervous for my English.

If you had asked me then, I would’ve said that the grade I got would have been an A, tops, but, with the help of Maria, I got an A* which I never expected to get.

I went from one of the bottom in the class to one of the top, which I could never have done without Maria.

I’m continuing now with tuition in year 11, pursuing the remainder of English Literature and the majority of English Language.

St Athan, Vale of Glamorgan


I have had English tuition from Maria for 4-5 years (years 8, 9, 10, 12 and 13) as I completed my GCSEs (year 11) abroad.

Maria has helped me to become confident with English.

We used to focus on SPAG, then on GCSE language and literature skills and, over the past two years, on A level skills, such as: understanding Shakespearean language and on including contextual information and literary devices in my essays.

I have also furthered my people skills via the lessons with Maria, culminating in an offer from my first choice university to study for an undergraduate degree in Law.

Sully, Vale of Glamorgan


The classes were agreed to be held at the Barry site offices 3 hours per day, 5 days, during the week of my stay; a list of items to be considered in the classes was sent to me in advance and tailor-made to my needs.

Maria was very professional, coming to the site at the right time each day, without any delay and teaching me the whole time agreed, with no waste of time. I really appreciated the way that she adapted her teaching skills to understand my level and trim the content of the classes, adapting writing and listening exercises to ‘squeeze’ the best from me.

Each class was done with care and the intent of helping me in achieving the maximum result from each hour of full immersion English. She provided me with: a lot of language tips, listening and comprehension exercises, including homework to do in the evening for the next day.

Maria was very kind to me all the time and, particularly, allowing me to have the last class at her home on Saturday morning instead of Monday April 25th at the site, totally respecting the agreement of 15 hours tuition, since I had to fly back to Italy that day, in the afternoon.

Barry, Vale of Glamorgan


We utilised Maria’s services as an English tutor for both language and literature. Our daughter was predicted Ds in both parts of the English GCSE.

After Maria’s coaching and encouragement, not only did we notice an evident increase in confidence in English and, overall, but, also, we were so pleased with a C and a B achieved at the end of year 11!

Wenvoe, Vale of Glamorgan